Unofficial 500-page Elden Ring lore book in the works

The world of Elden Ring is massive, with a complex history spanning a wide range of characters and locations that can feel overwhelming to get into, even if you’re a veteran of the game.

But newcomers and veterans now have the chance to get their hands on a comprehensive guide to the Lands Between. Grace Given: The Mythology of Elden Ring is an upcoming book that details the expansive mythos of the critically-acclaimed title, going in depth into the creation of the titular Elden Ring and the Erdtree, the gods and demigods involved with protecting it, and the numerous dungeons that players have already visited in the game. The book is written by Geoff Truscott, better known as the YouTuber SmoughTown, who has published several lore videos about Elden Ring on his YouTube channel.

Publisher Tune & Fairweather, known for publishing several books on other FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, has stated that the book is not an officially licensed product of the company or Bandai Namco. The publisher also didn’t confirm a release date, giving only an early 2025 window for a delivery estimate. But pre-orders are available now, offering those who order before Aug. 10 special bonuses like free shipping.

There are three editions currently available to pre-order, each with their own individual perks. First, the Collector’s Edition for $276.00, with a chance to upgrade to the Limited Edition. Second, the Limited Edition for $773.00, with signed artwork from the book’s illustrator Shimhaq. Finally, the Benefactor’s Edition comes in at a steep $1,104.00, but with the bonus of having your name printed in the book. A large price to pay for even the most dedicated Tarnished.

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