Uzume RR4 god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

Sniper rifles are slowly making their way back into the Destiny 2 meta after the launch of The Final Shape, and one sniper of particular interest is the Uzume RR4, a Solar sniper with some pretty impressive perk combinations.

The Uzume will serve you well in both PvE and PvP activities if you can get your hands on one with the right perks. Here’s our god roll guide for the Uzume RR4 sniper in Destiny 2.

What is the god roll for Uzume RR4 in Destiny 2?

Uzume RR4, a sniper rifle from Destiny 2, with
Omolon weapons look pretty cool with the liquid ammo. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Uzume RR4 PvE god roll

Column Trait
Barrel Arrowhead Brake
Magazine Appended Mag
Trait One Fourth Time’s The Charm
Trait Two Precision Instrument
Origin Trait Stunning Recovery

Uzume RR4 PvP god roll

Column Trait
Barrel Fluted Barrel
Magazine Steady Rounds
Trait One Snapshot Sights
Trait Two Vorpal Weapon
Explosive Payload
Origin Trait Vanguard’s Vindication

The Uzume RR4 is quite the all-rounded now that its perk pool has been updated. For PvE we’re going with Fourth Time’s The Charm for that automatic ammo recovery after landing four precision hits. Try to get the magazine to six rounds, as this will give a second proc of the perk after landing eight straight shots.

Pair FTTC with Precision Instrument. Landing six precision shots in a row will give a 25 percent buff to the weapon’s damage. With FTTC fully active you should be able to fire off 10 shots in a row, with half of those with the full bonus. Alternatively, use Vorpal Weapon for a static 15 percent boss damage instead.

In PvP, Snapshot Sights is our go-to in column one, while both Vorpal (for guardians using Supers) and Explosive Payload are decent in column two. Deconstruct could also work but it requires firing and landing multiple shots, and you’ll rarely have the ammo to proc it.

How to get Uzume RR4 in Destiny 2

Commander Zavala and the Vanguard menu in Destiny 2.
Time to hit those Nightfalls. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Uzume RR4 is a Nightfall Vanguard weapon, meaning you’ll need to earn the weapon by completing Nightfall activities in the Vanguard playlist. Once you’ve gotten your first Uzume RR4, head to Zavala to focus your Vanguard Engrams into random rolled copies with different perks.

Uzume RR4 can not be crafted, but you can receive enhanced perks by enhancing the weapon once you’ve got the rolls you’re chasing. Leveling the weapon up will unlock the boosted perks and their added benefits. You can also get an Adept version of Uzume by completing Grandmaster Nightfalls, with the weapon dropping with multiple perk combinations.

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