VALORANT player has perfect solution to broken remake system

As one of the most popular tactical shooters in the world, VALORANT is notoriously known for its unfair remake system. People leaving games will always happen, but the community is getting increasingly vocal about this broken feature.

On April 29, a player on VALORANT’s subreddit proposed an interesting solution that could change the game for the better. By changing the remake system to act on its own, the game would automatically reset after the second round. 

Five VALORANT agents standing together
Teamwork makes the dream work. Image via Riot Games

Simply put, anyone who leaves the game during the first two rounds would automatically be registered by the system, causing a remake to happen instantly. I think this adjustment would change the game for the better. By not allowing players to force their team to play an unfair match, nobody would receive a penalty besides the players who left the game. This would also save a lot of time and RR for players, which could provide a better experience for everyone.

VALORANT’s remake system completely depends on the player’s vote. If a player disconnects at the start of the match, others get an option to vote for a remake during the first two rounds. To remake the match, all four players need to vote yes, which can be tricky sometimes. This is often a huge problem, because even one vote is enough to extend an unfair match. 

“I agree. The amount of time I have to put on my nice voice and explain to the DC’d player’s duo to please vote yes and just requeue with them when they return is too damn high,” one player said. It goes to show players are becoming frustrated about the problem and would gladly support this potential change.

While the remake system in VALORANT is hardly balanced, it’s definitely in dire need for a change, and this community suggestion could potentially be its saving grace.

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