VALORANT star yay accused of allegedly bribing coach to bench former DSG teammate

VALORANT superstar Jaccob “Yay” Whiteaker has been embroiled in plenty of controversies since his swap over to Bleed Esports in the Pacific League, but now, his past might be catching up to him as well.

Retired pro Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar has levied some major accusations against yay in a recent slew of social media posts, stating that the 25-year-old had allegedly bribed their coach to bench him during their time with Disguised’s Challenger roster in 2023.

gengstha tweet screenshot
Major allegations. Screengrab via X/Twitter

In a Discord direct message, Disguised’s former head coach Kyle “OCEAN” O’Brien can be seen contacting Genghsta about the supposed bribe, although there isn’t much information within the messages.

Genghsta did, however, state that the bribe that yay offered to OCEAN was in the 10,000$ range and jokingly said that OCEAN should have taken it. This was part of a whole thread of tweets where Genghsta claims he knew about this information and still played out the split as yay’s teammate.

The former pro also went so far as to say that none of his teammates have been as difficult to work with as yay. He also gave curt and conflicting explanations for why he was exposing this information, ranging from wanting content to giving insight and “juicy NA drama,” and the fact that he “feels bad for the Bleed players who are going through a similar situation.”

Yay has been caught in multiple debacles since his move to Pacific, including a recent situation where he was accused of not practicing by a former Bleed teammate. Since he joined, Bleed has only won a single match, while Yay has struggled to find any success.

In fact, he has only won a single match over the past year after leaving Cloud9, and it came recently after suffering constant defeats in his Pacific debut.

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