Valve’s latest CS2 patch contains a single note—and players don’t know what to think anymore

Last night, Valve published its release notes (or note, to be precise) for the latest CS2 update, which only added a single feature. This is the umpteenth time the developer has launched a small-scale patch for CS2, each garnering more attention than the last.

The CS2 release note(s) for May 22 only mention one graphics-related feature, AMD Anti-Lag 2, and quite literally nothing else. This follows some other updates for CS2 which contained little to no genuine changes or additions to the game. The bright side in these situations is always that a bigger patch is likely in the works and on the way, and Valve is just releasing something to fill the schedule. Players, however, again have no idea what to think about these patches, as expressed by hundreds of them in a May 23 Reddit thread.

Mid Doors on Dust 2 in CS2
CS2 has been a wild ride regarding updates. Image via Valve

One player noted how it has been nearly 1,000 days since Counter-Strike last featured an operation. “There are so many players playing CS who have never even played during an operation,” they said, which bewildered them since operations used to launch frequently. These sorts of updates open players’ wounds and thoughts about the “good old days” when CS:GO received massive, consistent updates and operations, and when one-patch-note releases were few and far between.

Dota 2 got a patch note that is equivalent to a new whole game and we got this,” another disgruntled player wrote. Valve’s flagship MOBA is currently going through a months-long event and has recently received a substantial update which overhauled several of the game’s systems.

This update is likely to fix a major issue in the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) which banned players en masse for using AMD’s proprietary Anti-Lag+ technology for reducing input lag and improving response time. Even so, the drought is slowly setting in again, as it has been almost a month since the last major patch, but hope remains there’s something far bigger behind the corner.

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