Vitality demolish C9 to put themselves two matches from defending Counter-Strike Major title

Team Vitality and Cloud9 inaugurated the playoffs of PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major on March 28, with two giants clashing in the first quarterfinal. It wasn’t a David versus Goliath story this time around, with Vitality steamrolling their opposition.

Boombl4 and crew put up a fight on Vitality’s pick on Inferno, where they were going toe to toe with their enemies for most of the match. Vitality found crucial victories and clutches in the second half, outplaying C9 13-8. Next, they crushed the CIS team with a 13-2 result on Anubis, booking a passage to the CS2 Major’s semifinals.

Both teams advanced with 3-1 results from the Elimination Stage, though the differences in their level were palpable. In the post-match interview on the stage, flameZ admitted they were “off” in the group stage while they were feeling alive and on-point in the playoffs.

Cloud9's electroNic sitting in front of his PC and competing at ESL Pro League.
Cloud9 are out in Copenhagen. Photo by Adam Lakomy via ESL Gaming

They’d better keep up their stellar form if they aim to defend their Major title. Vitality triumphed in the last Counter-Strike Major last May, where they hoisted the trophy in Paris. The roster has substantially changed since then, with flameZ and mezii replacing Magisk and dupreeh, and XTQZZZ filling the shoes of zonic in the coaching role. Yet, they still seem like one of the strongest contenders at the Copenhagen Major.

Their next possible opponent could be another favorites to claim the Major trophy, Team Spirit. The CIS team faces FaZe Clan on March 28’s evening, and they’re the heavy favorites. Spirit proved their worth in Katowice, where they only dropped a single map against Natus Vincere. But before they have the chance to outclass Vitality, they need to get through FaZe’s explosive lineup, which will be anything but easy.

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