Warzone drops experimental Mixed View BR mode that allows swap between perspectives 

If you’ve ever had the issue of having a tough time deciding between first-person or third-person gameplay, then Call of Duty’s new limited-time mode is for you.

Warzone Mobile may be stealing the spotlight among some gamers today, but the traditional Call of Duty: Warzone game on console and PC is shaking things up with the Mixed View BR mode, allowing players to seamlessly toggle between first and third-person views.

Warzone Ranked Play
Watch your back, literally. Image via Activision

This mechanic will likely be a nightmare when it comes to players peeking around corners or camping staircases, but the option to switch perspectives is nice regardless. It’s reminiscent of the early days of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, before it became officially known as PUBG, when the game was only available in third-person but you were able to seamlessly switch to first-person while firing.

CoD has experimented with limited-time third-person modes before, but it’s also had permanent variations in the past, like Third-Person Team Tactical in multiplayer. But for Warzone, CoD has remained a first-person game, so Mixed View BR will only be around for a week.

Third-person mode has a group of avid fans who are always looking for its return, and they’ll likely be excited to play this mode, at least while it’s available.

I was especially a big fan of Third Person Team Tactical, way back in 2009’s original Modern Warfare 2. I had a lot of fun in that mode, running around with pals in four-vs-four games on maps like Afghan and Scrapyard. Oh, hey, we could do that today in the new MW3, if only it was added…

Mixed View BR is available now but will leave the playlist rotation on March 28, so players looking to enjoy actively seeing their operator skin they paid a good amount of money for will have until then to do so.

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