Warzone fans want CoD devs to add one thing from Rebirth Island to every map

Call of Duty fans are always coming up with new ways to improve Warzone, and one player has suggested taking a feature from Rebirth Island and adding it to every map in the game.

Rebirth Island returns with Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone season three, with a new dynamic weather system that can make the map sunny or foggy, and even make the sun set during a match, plunging the map into a dusky darkness.

Seeing this new addition, some CoD fans want to see it added to the other maps, with Healthy-Werewolf5879 writing on Reddit: “Please consider doing the same for the rest of the Warzone maps. Not some, but all. This could be done in a random event style, a random rotation, or maybe just one map during the weekend.”

“You saw that Al Mazrah (Night) was a hit but you’ve dropped the ball and didn’t stick with that feature, so now we continue to have thermal and night vision attachments that ultimately serve no real purpose.

Three Warzone players standing in the back of the plane, with one jumping out into the night sky.
Al Mazrah had a night variation for Halloween. Image via Activision

“This and a weather system. Fortnite has proven to constantly do both, I don’t understand why Warzone can’t have it either,” agreed another fan. Not everyone is in favor, though, with another Reddit user writing: “This would suck after a short period of time. Everyone complains about dark skins in corners and you think the whole map being dark during peak hours is a good idea?”

Personally, I’m inclined to agree with the second commentor. It’s already hard to see enemies on the big Warzone maps, and making them darker will only make it harder. Even picking up ground loot in the dark could be annoying.

On top of that, there’s a good chance this feature would make Warzone even bigger than it already is in terms of hard drive space, and may have an adverse affect on performance. I’d much rather have a bright game that runs well than a dark one that drops frames.

Still, we’ll have to see how the feature works on Rebirth Island, and the developer could perhaps use it as a trial for a possible inclusion in the future. For more, learn about Warzone‘s Totally Advanced Resurgence mode.

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