Warzone Mobile devs working on many fixes, but all anyone can talk about is controllers

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has only been out in the wild for a day, but some fixes for issues in the game have already been deployed.

Activision has now announced a number of problems that have already been addressed, such as server issues and performance, crashing due to too many vehicles spawning, and other performance-related problems.

Earning event points in Warzone Mobile
Controller or touch? Image via Activision

“Thank you to everyone who’s jumped in and played Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile already!” Activision said through the official Warzone Mobile Twitter/X account. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to get it into your hands, but our work isn’t over yet. In fact, it’s just the beginning. We’re already working hard toward bringing you the best experience possible by identifying and rolling out fixes.”

The company also revealed a big list of issues discovered and fixes in progress, including tuning adjustments for armor and health values to increase the time-to-kill, re-enabling the ability to rejoin an ongoing game, and the re-introduction of enemy outlines in the HUD, which were recently disabled to improve server performance.

But despite the game’s exciting launch that brings the return of classic BR map Verdansk for gamers everywhere to play while on the go, all that anyone seems to be talking about is controllers.

The debate raged in the replies to the X (formerly Twitter) post, with some players asking for more controller settings options and many others lamenting the fact that controller players match up with those on touch controls. Most feel that controllers are making games uneven, with one person going so far as saying: “Players with controllers are everywhere and killing the game.”

The decision to pool controller players with touch control players is deliberate, albeit not a final one, according to the company, and could change with time and feedback.

“Also note that at worldwide launch, players using native touch controls, or any type of controller, will be matchmade together in the same pool of recruits,” Activision said in a March 8 blog post about controller options. “As the game evolves, we will evaluate balancing player matchmaking pools by native touch and controllers, as well as, potentially implementing different rules for control playstyles in competitive play.”

Warzone Mobile is available now for Android and iOS devices worldwide.

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