Warzone Mobile reviews dip on Google Play Store due to Android graphic, performance issues

Call of Duty mobile players on Android have left scathing reviews on the Google Play store for Warzone Mobile after it was revealed hefty performance issues plague the new shooter. Those who braved the new release are warning other Android mobile users to stay away until developers address the problems.

Warzone Mobile, which launched officially this week, received glowing reviews on Apple’s App Store for its gameplay and graphic fidelity, but it’s clear the rest of the mobile player base does not share this sentiment as it has been revealed the game struggles to run properly on Android devices. The review score for the game on the Google Play Store has tanked to 3.1 stars and, at one point, dropped as low as 2.3 stars with many left unimpressed by the poor performance and optimization of Warzone Mobile for Android.

A player runs around in CoD Warzone Mobile but suffers from graphics issues.
Yeah, the map isn’t supposed to look like that. Image by u/naelfe via Reddit

It’s so bad that some players have already declared the game “dead,” with a March 22 Reddit thread filled with comments from players struggling to run the game. “My controls just randomly stop working, I don’t know how I just played two matches and I keep tapping on plates but the dude just won’t put the plates and I couldn’t even switch guns,” one annoyed player said. While those with older Apple devices are suffering, the bulk of those affected have tried (and failed) to get the game running on Android architecture.

Fortunately, there’s good news on the way for players as publishers Activision and the Warzone Mobile dev team are hearing the feedback. A late March 21 patch fixed several issues related to disc space and server log errors while also addressing performance issues around vehicle spawns. At the same time, the team noted many more issues surrounding graphic fidelity, particularly on Android devices, and that a fix for the issue was “in progress.”

The community has been urged to wait until these problems are addressed before passing judgment on the title. According to the Google Play Store, Warzone Mobile has been downloaded over 10 million times and still remains at the top of the Trending page for the store since going live on March 21.

Here’s hoping the devs can squash enough bugs and re-optimize Warzone Mobile for all users soon before players give up and move on to other titles on the platform.

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