Warzone players celebrate ‘satisfying’ C4 buff in season 3 update

Warzone content creator highlighted a massive buff to C4 in season three, and community members rained praise on the devs for a long overdue change.

In the season three update, C4 was reworked to do more damage, cover a wider range, and explode faster. JGOD tested to see how much of a difference the changes made, and discovered that C4 charges can now be thrown around 20 meters or 30 with the Strong Arm perk equipped. The YouTuber showed it’s possible to throw C4 on top of the roof from the ground on some buildings, and the detonation is almost instantaneous. Community members had nostalgic flashbacks to the early days of Warzone, when C4 was at the peak of its power.

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C4 is back and better than ever. Image via Activision

“I used to love running C4. I won my first match with them,” one player responded. Some community members believe this might signal a change in what equipment items get used moving forward. Raven Software might not have shaken up Warzone‘s weapon meta in a way community members expected in the most recent update, but the devs did thoroughly reshape equipment selection. For the first two seasons of Warzone, most players used either a frag or semtex grenade in the lethal slot and a smoke grenade in the tactical spot. That could all change, as semtex grenades got nerfed, while the breacher drone, claymore, molotov, drill charge, and thermobaric grenades all received buffs.

Additionally, C4 damage to heavy choppers was increased to 45 percent from 25, meaning the lethal equipment item could be used in more scenarios. “We need vehicles to have a more prominent role with C4 explosions,” a second user added.

Most attention was paid to players being able to throw C4 further, but decreasing the detonation delay from 0.1 to 0.5 also made a huge difference. “We have been needing that fast detonation back for a long time,” a third player argued. As a precaution, it could be worth equipping the E.O.D. perk as it reduces damage taken from explosives.

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