Warzone players finally recognize power of ‘slept on’ equipment item

Breacher Drones don’t often get much attention in Warzone, yet one player has today proved the lethal equipment item should be used more often.

The Breacher drone is a new lethal equipment item in Warzone that starts flying straight toward wherever the player is aiming. If the drone gets within close enough range of an enemy, it explodes and does a massive amount of damage; which one Warzone player showed is being “slept on” after sharing a clip on Reddit showing them shooting down a helicopter and then downing two enemies with a Breacher Drone from over 100 meters away. Since its introduction at the start of Modern Warfare 3’s iteration of Warzone, players have tended to use frags, semtexes, or throwing grenades as their lethal equipment item of choice, but multiple nerfs might change that.

breacher drone equipment in mw3
The breacher drone doesn’t get much love in Warzone. Screenshot by Dot Esports

In the Season Two Reloaded update, Raven Software decreased Throwing Knife damage from 200 to 175, meaning players can no longer down an enemy with one chest shot. After the update, if a player wants to take down an enemy with a throwing knife instantly, it will either have to be a headshot or on an already downed enemy. The midseason update also nerfed frag mid-damage from 200 to 155, and outer damage from 175 to 110. Both nerfs opened the door for a new lethal equipment item to take over the battle royale’s metagame.

If used correctly, the Breacher Drone is better than a throwing knife because it damages not only one enemy but also other targets in the vicinity. Meanwhile, frags are great for flushing an enemy out from behind cover, but they don’t have the same range a flying drone can travel, as long as the player is aiming in the right direction.

We don’t think every Warzone player will start using Breacher Drones because of one impressive clip, but it is definitely worth considering for your next multiplayer match.

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