Warzone update today: Tonfa, Riveter nerfs

Call of Duty: Warzone players who have been abusing the Tonfa melee weapon will need to find a new secondary option, finally.

Anyone who’s played Warzone in recent months has likely run into a Tonfa enjoyer. They’re the players who slide-cancel around corners and then use the Tonfa’s extended melee range to lock on to you, mercilessly beating you to death.

Tonfa in MW3
Find a new weapon, Tonfa gamers. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Thankfully for many CoD players, after an update today, the Tonfa will no longer down a player with full health and armor in just three hits. It will now take four hits, which should theoretically give players enough time to fight back and down them first before they’re Tonfa’d to a bloody pulp.

Players in the replies to CoD’s announcement of the update were praising the change because the Tonfa has been a problem for quite some time. The melee weapon sometimes known as a nightstick has an incredibly fast melee animation, and the damage was oppressive.

The Tonfa was actually a weapon in Modern Warfare 2 and was brought forward to MW3 and Warzone as part of the “Carry Forward” initiative. Many players likely hope now, though, that Tonfa players can carry it home and keep it there.

The patch today also came with an update for the Riveter shotgun and its .410 Gauge Ball Ammunition, which has been seeing some popularity lately. The ammo attachment has had its damage ranges decreased and had a whole new damage range called Far-Mid Damage Range introduced.

In general, though, the quick update fixed two annoying weapons within battle royale and Resurgence modes. With season four just a couple of weeks away now, more content should be coming to the game, including new weapons, so many players likely hope the current issues will subside.

To check out the full, detailed patch notes, visit the Warzone website.

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