Warzone’s Rebirth Island trailer is just an exhibition of new skins coming in MW3 season 3 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s season three is coming next week, and one of its big additions is the return of Rebirth Island in Warzone.

A new trailer for the latest iteration of the Alcatraz-themed Resurgence map revealed some new information and confirmed some rumors today, but it was also just one long exhibition of new skins coming in the next season.

MW3 season 3 new bunny skin
I don’t wanna find his eggs. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Along with the first new skin for Vladimir Makarov in quite some time, there are also several other new operator skins shown off, including what looks like a deranged, evil Easter bunny like in the image above.

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted several potential changes to Rebirth Island, including the addition of swimming, an underwater tunnel, and the destruction of the island’s main tower. It remains to be seen if the tower’s destruction will be interactive or if the map will be played in the remnants of it.

The very end image, what looks like season three‘s key art featuring Makarov, also contains a look at what may be a new weapon that many are comparing to the MORS sniper rifle from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The 2014 CoD title, also developed by Sledgehammer Games, is looking to receive some love in season three. Several leaks have pointed to the MORS, along with the BAL-27 assault rifle, making a return from the futuristic title that brought about the era of jetpack games.

The trailer also points to the fact that season three will be playable in Warzone Mobile thanks to cross-progression. Any games played in the new mobile CoD will progress the season three battle pass, unlocking any of the new items mentioned that could be included.

MW3’s season three begins next week on April 3, with more information about it likely to be revealed in the coming days.

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