What are the best Monopoly GO events today? (June, 21)

Log in for today’s Monopoly GO rewards to test out Lucky Chance, a new flash event. Builder’s Bash and Wheel Boost are also on the June 21 schedule.

With so much going on, here’s a list of every event and which ones are worth playing.

What are the Monopoly GO events for today, June 21?

Mr. Monopoly and Scottie rolling Dice on Monopoly GO board
Strategize to earn the most rewards. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Here’s every Monopoly GO event running today, and the best to play around for maximum rewards.

All special Monopoly GO events today, June 21

Monopoly GO special event Time in CT Duration
Rent Frenzy 11pm, June 20 to 1:59am, June 21 30 minutes
Builder’s Bash 2am to 7:59am 30 minutes
Lucky Chance 8am to 7:59am, June 22 15 minutes
Free Parking 8am to 10:59am 45 minutes
Wheel Boost 11am to 4:59pm 20 minutes
Rent Frenzy 5pm to 10:59pm 30 minutes

All Solo and tournament Monopoly GO events today, June 21

  • Row Rally (Tournament): Ends at 12:58 pm CT on June 21
  • Fortune Footrace (Solo Event): Starts at 1:45pm, June 20 and ends on June 22
  • Chop Championship (Tournament): Starts at 1pm CT on June 21 and ends on June 22

Active solo and tournament events during main mini-game drops like Tycoon Racers, Partner, Treasure Hunt, and Peg-E token events offer play tokens. Solo events and tournaments may also contain flash-timed events, including High Roller and Mega Heist, so be sure to capitalize on these to earn more.

And don’t forget about the new Monopoly Games Sticker album season that started on June 20 at 2pm CT.

What Monopoly GO events are the best to play on June 21?

A new Monopoly GO event called Lucky Chance is dropping June 21. Running for 15 minutes during its debut, the special events drops bonus rewards when landing on the Chance tile. Rewards can include “surprises, from massive cash windfalls to taking trips to a railroad,” according to Scopely.

Night owls and early risers can cash in on the Bulder’s Bash before the new Lucky Chance Monopoly GO event. And, if you level up enough boards to have hotels stacked on the board, take advantage of Wheel Boost for free Dice rolls and Stickers.

What does each Monopoly GO event do?

Flash, or special events as they are often called, happen daily during a limited time window. Checking their exact start and end times is wise to gain an advantage. Tournaments and Solo events can run from one to three days, and a main event will usually run for three to five days.

In addition to the rewards Monopoly GO events give, I like them because they enrich the gameplay experience. While grinding towards any event, there are more achievements and Dice to look forward to, which keeps the game exciting.

Event name Description
High Roller Increases your maximum roll multiplier up to x1,000.
Wheel Boost Spin a wheel for extra rewards (dice, Sticker Packs) upon landing on a Hotel tile of a color set with two or more Hotels.
Cash Grab Tap the falling Monopoly Money to claim increasing Cash rewards.
Cash Boost Doubles the Cash reward from core game actions, such as rolling dice and Railroad Minigames (Shutdown, Heist, etc.)
Rent Frenzy Gain extra Rent Targets on the board, allowing you to collect Rent from other players more often for extra cash.
Free Parking Cash Store cash on the Free Parking tile as you roll dice around the board. Land on the Free Parking tile to claim the reward.
Free Parking Dice Store dice on the Free Parking tile as you spend them. Land on the Free Parking tile to claim them back.
Board Rush Win extra rewards (dice and Sticker Packs) upon completing a board (completing all Landmarks on your active board)
Mega Heist Increase your minimum and maximum cash rewards from the Heist minigame on Railroad Squares.
Sticker Boom Doubles the number of Stickers you get per Sticker Pack, rounded up.
Golden Blitz Allows you to trade two predetermined Golden Stickers with other players. You can trade them for any other tradeable Sticker, not just the other Golden Sticker.
Partner Event Play with up to four players to collect tokens around the board and spend them to collect points. The more points you collect and the more friends you play with, the better your rewards.
Peg-E Prize Drop Spend Peg-E Tokens to play the Prize Drop minigame to get extra dice, cash, and Sticker Packs.
Builder’s Bash Reduces the cost of Landmarks.
Landmark Rush Gain extra rewards for buying the final stage of any Landmark.

The events above, also called flash events, are short and temporary events that go live to all players and activate when they log in during a specific time window.

Tips and tricks to take advantage of Monopoly GO events

Mrs. Monopoly looking at artifact in Monopoly GO
Take advantage of natural free-to-play built-in strategies. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The best way to maximize Monopoly GO rewards from daily events is to know the times flash events are dropping by bookmarking this page. Put a game plan together so that you can get the most rewards from solo and tournament events that are also running.

  • Log into Monopoly GO five minutes before the start time of an event.
  • Strategize around when to earn cash that can get turned into Dice rolls.
  • Know when to take advantage of a High Roller event.
  • Roll at low multipliers during daily Monopoly GO events that don’t interest you to get Quick Wins finished.
  • Use Solo events and tournaments that synergize with one another to gain an advantage.
  • Cash in Sticker Stars for Dice rolls, which you can stock up on during a Sticker Boom.

I recommend logging in around five minutes before a daily flash event begins so you aren’t closing popup ads while the clock is ticking. Complete your daily Monopoly GO Quick Wins before a flash event drop, if possible. Save your cash until a flash event like Builder’s Bash or Landmark Rush runs at an appropriate time for you to play. And always watch for times when daily Monopoly GO events and main events combo with one another for sweet rewards.

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