When is Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 7? Next BG3 patch details

Baldur’s Gate 3 might not get any DLCs or expansions, but Larian Studios is committed to updating BG3 and continuing to improve its smash-hit RPG title.

The next update, Patch Seven, is already in development and expected to launch later this year with one highly anticipated feature: Official mod support. Here’s everything we know about the highly anticipated next BG3 update so far.

BG3 Patch Seven: Everything we know

Image shows promotional art for The Dark Urge, a Background in Baldur's Gate 3.
Patch Seven has improved evil endings! Image via Larian Studios

Patch Seven release window

BG3’s Patch Seven is expected to drop sometime in September 2024. However, beyond this window, the developers still haven’t released any specific date.

Official mod support finally comes to BG3

In Larian’s official community update post on June 3, the developers announced the team and specific mod developers were alpha-testing an official modding toolkit. These mod developers are attempting to bring their unofficial mods to life using the official toolkit, and in the Patch Seven closed beta test, a limited number of BH3 players will now get the opportunity to test this patch and these official mods.

More (better) evil endings

Official mod support isn’t the only exciting thing dropping in Patch Seven. The devs are working on improved evil endings for both the Dark Urge and non-Dark Urge players because, as some players have lamented, the evil endings feel like an “afterthought.”

Buckets of bugfixes

Like all patches, this update will also focus on a host of bugfixes and improvements, namely Jaheira not following the group, Wyll’s unromantic greetings, and the Narrator’s voice lines missing from the Gortash and Durge confrontation.

Unfortunately, the crossplay feature we all want is still in development. So, unless it’s a surprise feature in Patch Seven, it likely won’t be added to BG3 until later.

All BG3 post-launch updates

Although Larian has clearly stated the team will not release any DLCs or expansions for BG3, that doesn’t mean they’re not releasing post-launch updates to ensure bugs are fixed, gameplay is running smoothly, and adding new content when needed. So far, there have been six significant updates, including:

Unfortunately, there’s no pattern as to when these major updates are released. They’re simply released when Larian believes the updates are ready to drop, which makes guessing when subsequent patches might go live a little tricky. We know Patch Seven will launch in September, but there’s no official release date yet.

We’ll keep BG3 players in the loop on any Patch Seven developments.

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