Which LoL champion says ‘Oh I was born to ruffle feathers’?

LoLdle has dropped another challenging League of Legends champion quote for us to solve today, and it’s going to take some careful planning to help you solve it—just don’t let this Vastayan’s quote rub you the wrong way.

Who says “Oh I was born to ruffle feathers” in LoL?

The LoLdle quote on July 11 is “Oh I was born to ruffle feathers.” The League champion who says this line is Xayah.

xayah loldle champion quote
A nice win for the day. Screenshot by Dot Esports via LoLdle

Right off the mark, I knew this champion had to be someone bird-like or feathery, like Xayah, Rakan, or Anivia. Thankfully, being an ARAM enthusiast, I’ve played many Xayah games and recognized this line right away—it’s one she says while moving.

There was a chance I’d get unlucky on today’s considering Xayah actually has a huge 34 moving voice lines, but I’d heard it more than enough. Another one of my favorites is “They say I don’t know when to quit. Like that’s a weakness.” Maybe bringing it up will manifest that one to appear in coming weeks, like I did with Nautilus yesterday.

If you’ve never played Xayah definitely give her a go, even if it’s just in an ARAM. She’s decent enough on the Rift right now too though, boasting a 51.35 percent win rate according to League stat page Lolalytics.

I guess she truly was born to ruffle feathers in every mode.

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