Which LoL champion says ‘One touch, with desire… that’s all I need’? LoLdle quote June 24 answer

Today’s LoLdle quote is definitely one of the harder puzzles to solve in recent days. There isn’t a strong context clue (at least, not that I noticed), so some League of League fans might struggle with trying to think of their initial guesses.

Who says “One touch, with desire… that’s all I need” in LoL?

The LoLdle quote on June 24 is “One touch, with desire… that’s all I need.” The League champion who says this quote is Evelynn.

Screenshot of the LoLdle quote answer for June 24, 2024.
I’m on fire lately. Screenshot by Dot Esports

I honestly don’t have a good explanation for how I went about solving today’s LoLdle quote. When I read the voice line, one word didn’t immediately jump out to me as a major giveaway—certainly not like some of the other recent LoLdle quotes. My gut reaction, though, was that this read like a somewhat devious voice line. And for whatever reason, my mind went to Evelynn and I just threw out her name as my first guess.

I’m not entirely sure who I would’ve guessed next if Evelynn wasn’t the correct answer, to be honest. This is easily one of the tougher LoLdle quotes in recent memory, especially because it seems rather vague to me—and vague enough that I could imagine several champs saying it.

I’ve never played Evelynn, so maybe solving this daily puzzle won’t be as difficult for League fans who have put in some time playing the champ. If I did get to the audio clue, though, I think it would’ve been very helpful in narrowing down the possible remaining options for the correct answer.

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