Who is the transformed prince in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Many of the duties in the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path event in Disney Dreamlight Valley ask you to seek out a specific character. This character is often concealed with a riddle, as is the case with the task that calls for a transformed prince.

These riddles are often intentionally tricky to test how well you know the valley residents, but this one can be especially frustrating since the character it’s referring to is in a complicated state. If you’re struggling to get past this task, here’s who the transformed prince is in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Transformed Prince in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Picture with the Beast and Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
He’s supposed to be human, but he’s still the Beast instead. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The transformed prince in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Beast. He transforms from a prince to the Beast then back to a prince again at the end of Beauty and the Beast, which means he should be the human version of himself in the valley, but he’s actually still the Beast instead.

It’s easy to get confused about this task because of the strange nature of the Beast’s character. You may have forgotten that he transformed at all since he’s just been the Beast around the regular village and there’s no way to change him as there is for other characters like Ursula, who can become Vanessa with Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle.

There aren’t many princes around the valley besides the Beast, but if you’re working through the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path quickly, it’s also easy to mistake this task for princess instead of prince. And there are many princesses you might accidentally try for this task instead, especially Ariel since she can be transformed from a human to a mermaid whenever you like.

How to talk with a transformed prince in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Beast arriving in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
He’s a grumpy guy, but he’ll warm up to you eventually. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To complete the talk with a transformed prince task, you need to have two daily discussions with the Beast. Since you can only have one talk with a villager per day, this task takes a minimum of two days to complete.

You can time travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but this is a potentially game-breaking function, which means it’s best to avoid trying it out. Instead, just work on this task over the required two days so you can claim 15 Magnolia Tokens for your efforts.

After you finish talking with the Beast for this task, you can start on other tricky tasks to earn more Magnolia Tokens. You can find the tantrum-prone villager, cast out for some Trout, and chat with the villager from Motunui.

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