Wiglett hunters in Pokémon Go are finding secret beach biomes

Wiglett was recently added to Pokémon Go as part of the new biomes update and could only be found on beaches.

For those not near a coastline or ocean, this is horrendous news on the hunt to catch ’em all, as it might mean traveling for several hours just for a small glimmer of hope of finding the new Galar Pokémon. Even then, we need to catch several more to get the candy needed to evolve it into Wugtrio.

The Pokémon Go community is not so quickly convinced, though, and as it turns out, certain places might be close to you that act as a Beach Biome, so long as you can afford any entry fee.

Trainers are finding that the app somehow sees a golf course sand pit next to a lake as a Beach Biome at golf courses, which occasionally spawns a Wiglett or two. This is the second instance of a Wiglett not spawning where it is meant to be after trainers found out River biomes can sometimes house Wiglett.

In theory, this could also extend to places like parks that have sand bits next to lakes or certain areas that the in-game map mistakes as an Ocean Biome next to a body of water. There are chances to abuse the bugs of the system to misuse the biome update, so I’m curious to see what other trainers find next.

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