WoW Dragonflight: How does the Revival Catalyst work in season 4?

The Revival Catalyst is one of the most convenient features ever introduced in World of Warcraft, as it allows players to transform any piece of gear they get from Mythic+, raids, or open-world content into highly coveted tier gear. 

In season four of Dragonflight, the Revival Catalyst is becoming even more convenient, with charges being replenished across your entire WoW account once per week. This change should make it easier to upgrade your character’s loadout and catch up on all of the transmog appearances you might have missed out on throughout the course of the expansion. 

Revival Catalyst changes in Dragonflight season four: New charges every week 

The biggest change that came to the Revival Catalyst in Dragonflight season four is that the Catalyst now gains a new charge once every week instead of every other week.

Considering the maximum amount of Catalyst charges you could have at one time is six, and the Catalyst now recharges every week, it’ll take just six weeks to get completely stocked up on charges. That means you should have a complete loadout of Catalyst charges on all of your characters by June 4. 

Since season four introduces no new raid content, and subsequently, there’s no new Race to World First, the Catalyst being available right from the jump with quicker charges at the ready does not give any players a significant advantage and instead makes the process of catching up on transmog and gear sets much more streamlined. 

Using the Revival Catalyst for transmog in Dragonflight season four 

A still image of Kazzara, the Hellforged, the first boss of Aberrus, the Shadow Crucible.
Season four will take us back to older Dragonflight raids, such as Aberrus. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For the sake of using the Revival Catalyst for transmog purposes in season four, you’ll need to get gear from the respective raids that you’re targeting if you want to catalyze them. For example, you cannot take a piece of gear that you earned from Aberrus and turn it into an Amirdrassil tier piece. 

If you’re really serious about collecting as many appearances as possible, we’d recommend upgrading your gear with Flightstones and crests after transforming it at the Catalyst, Catalyzing a lower item level piece of gear and then upgrading it will give you all of the colorizations of the tier sets that you move through along the upgrade track. 

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