WoW players call for much-needed Heirloom upgrades before The War Within

World of Warcraft players are asking Blizzard to rework Heirlooms before The War Within expansion launches because buying and upgrading them has become a huge gold investment with little to show.

With The War Within slowly approaching, WoW players called for Blizzard via Reddit and the official Blizzard forums to make these convenient items relevant again. Given that leveling in Dragonflight has become fast now, the amount of gold needed to upgrade Heirlooms is absurd for most players.

Back in Wrath of the Lich King, when leveling was still an important part of the game, Blizzard introduced Heirloom equipment items. What makes them special is they increase in power as players level up while also providing an XP buff.

For years, Heirlooms provided a quick way to level up alts. Even though they are expensive, they are a great investment for long-term players who want to level as fast as possible with minimal hassle.

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There’s always a method to level up faster in WoW. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unfortunately, when WoW Shadowlands launched, Blizzard removed the XP buff, making Heirlooms only provide a power increase—still useful but not like before. Without the XP buff and the need to upgrade each piece of Heirloom item individually, they have become a huge money investment, where an entire upgraded set costs just under 2,000,000 gold. Players either want Heirlooms reworked or removed entirely.

“IMO the entire heirloom system just needs to be reworked. They are barely a convenience at this point, the only reason I used them is because I already have them. But there’s no way I’m upgrading anything that isn’t upgraded already,” one Reddit user wrote.

Considering Blizzard has been pushing its character-boosting services quite heavily during the last few expansions (which also provide decent starting gear, similar to Heirlooms), it may not be in its interest to make alt-leveling faster. We hope Heirlooms get the rework they deserve so players feel proud to own, upgrade, and level them up again.

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