WoW players explain why Dragonflight could go down as one of the best expansions ever

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is winding down, with its final patch, 10.2.7, being live since May 7. WoW players are now looking back at the expansion as a whole, and many believe it will go down in history as one of the best ones.

According to a post on WoW’s subreddit on May 12, Dragonflight definitely had its flaws—bugs, balance issues (I’m looking at you, god comp), overtuned dungeons in the early stages of new seasons, and lackluster story development. But the expansion also introduced a ton of updates to gear progression with Crests and the Great Vault, as well as new talent trees, an exciting Mythic+ dungeon rotation that changes every season, and, of course, Dragonriding. On top of all of this, Dragonflight received a new patch every two months, meaning there was a continuous flow of new content to run.

A dragon breathing fire in the WoW Dragonflight instance Ruby Life Pools
Each season introduced a new Mythic+ dungeon pool. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After experimenting with poorly-received lore and borrowed power systems in Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, Blizzard Entertainment clearly wanted a more traditional expansion with Dragonflight. Because of this, the devs focused on listening to community feedback and fixing issues players pointed out. Shadowlands was a complete disappointment for many (myself included) because there weren’t many content updates, the Covenant system was too restrictive, and the Jailer fell short as the expansion’s biggest villain.

Dragonflight was the expansion that was meant to refresh WoW, and I’d say Blizzard succeeded. It followed Blizzard’s traditional formula, which was exactly what players wanted—the old familiar WoW they fell in love with. The next expansion, The War Within, is scheduled to release between summer and fall 2024 and will add Hero talents, Delves, the Earthen allied race, and new zones and dungeons.

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