Wuthering Waves pull tracker – How to check Pity in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is like any other gacha game where you spend money to buy tokens and draw from banners to obtain a prized Resonator. RNG may not be on your side, so a pity system will grant you prized five-star Resonators eventually.

The pity system can be confusing in Wuthering Waves, especially how many pulls you have to make for it to activate, but calculating your pity can be easy.

How to check pulls and calculate pity in Wuthering Waves

first page of featured banner convene wuwa
You can change to a different banner using the convene type drop down icon. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To calculate your pity, you must check your pulls and find your latest five-star item or Resonator and minus this number from the guaranteed five-star banner pull number—80 in Wuthering Waves. You can use this to calculate when you’ll receive a four-syar item or Resonator.

You’re guaranteed a four-star every 10 draws. So then, figuring out how many draws to get another four-star item is relatively easy.

You can easily check and calculate the five-star pity by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your desired banner and select “history.” This brings up your past draws.
  2. Go through every page until you find your last five-star draw, noting down how many draws are listed on this page after this five-star pull.
    • For example, if your five-star pull were number five on the list, there would be four pulls after this.
  3. Count how many draws are listed on a complete page, and multiply this by the number of full pages.
    1. To save you time, each page can only have a max of five items. So, if you had four complete pages before your five-star page, you would calculate four pages by five items, giving you 20 pulls.
  4. Add the two numbers together.
    • This would be the total number of complete pulls from all previous pages plus the pulls on the same page as your five-star Resonator.
    • From our example, you would calculate the total pulls after your last five-star Resonator by adding 20 plus four, giving you 24 pulls.
    • If you prefer a visual example, you can see in the image below I drew Jiyan on my seventh page. This means there are four draws on this page plus six full pages, each with five draws. So, I’ve wished 34 times since I drew Jiyan.
wuwa banner history for featured showing jiyan
I have made 34 draws since pulling Jiyan. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Kuro Games.

This number is how many draws you’ve made at that particular banner. You can calculate how many pulls you need to hit the first 50/50 pity by calculating 80 minus your current number. E.g., I must make 46 pulls before hitting that 50/50 pity.

Once you hit this first 80 pulls, you are guaranteed a five-star item or Resonator, but you have a 50 percent chance of getting the Wuthering Waves banner’s five-star Resonator. This is why it’s called 50/50 pity. If you don’t get the banner’s featured five-star Resonator, you are guaranteed to get it after another 80 pulls (so at 160 pulls in total). Once you’ve pulled the featured five-star Resonator, your pity counter resets.

Is there a Wuthering Waves pull tracker?

Calculating your pity count can be complicated. If maths isn’t your strong suit or if this is too much effort you can use third-party sites like WuWa Tracker where you import all your pull history. This site does all the pity calculating for you. But, like all websites, please be careful about what you share online and how you sync your data.

Whether you want to manually calculate pity or use a third-party pity tracker, this is everything you need to know about calculating pity in Wuthering Waves.

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