XDefiant data mine potentially leaks upcoming cosmetics in season zero battle pass

A new leak may have given XDefiant fans a sneak peek of the upcoming free-to-play shooter and, more importantly, lent further hope to the fact that it could finally be coming out soon.

Found by Ubisoft data miner Frax and posted on Twitter/X, four images contain a look at what the data miner says “could and probably will change between now and launch,” but they have been found within the files.

A look at members of the Phantoms faction in XDefiant.
Could the long-awaited release date be looming? Screenshot via Ubisoft on YouTube

There’s nothing too out of the ordinary within the leaked battle pass for season zero. Basically, if you’ve played any live-service title, battle royale game, or Call of Duty over the past few years, you know what to expect. But at this point, any XDefiant content is a welcome sight for the many gamers looking to hop back in for multiplayer matches.

The images posted by Frax reveal skins for characters in the game, weapon skins, XP boosters, player cards, currency, emojis, and player animations. It seems like the final tier of the pass will be a weapon skin called “Firestorm,” marked as “Legendary” rarity.

The important takeaway here, though, is that with more and more files being found for those like Frax to data mine, XDefiant feels like it’s closer and closer to actually being released into its “season zero” and early access period.

But a recent report from Insider Gaming shared information to the contrary, claiming the game is likely to miss its current latest release window of late March and is still “a few months away” from releasing thanks to “the neverending hunt to chase CoD and add pointless stuff.” The game has already suffered multiple delays thanks to issues like the in-game party system and netcode problems.

XDefiant, whenever it releases, will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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