‘You’re welcome:’ Boostio celebrates VCT win with perfect Nadeshot Shanghai rant call back

Following a glorious VCT Americas win, star VALORANT IGL Kelden “Boostio” Pupello has reignited an old banter he initiated with Nadeshot on X (formerly Twitter), reminding the 100 Thieves boss of a much-deserving “thank you” that was never said.

In a tweet on May 12, Boostio uploaded a clip of him placing the 2024 VCT Americas Split prize in the trophy cabinet at 100 Thieves’ boot camp and tagged Nadeshot with a proud “You’re welcome.” But the banter isn’t as simple as it looks.

For those looking for context, after 100 Thieves made it to the playoffs in April, Boostio quoted the organization’s tweet before nudging Nadeshot for a “thank you.” But Nadeshot was in no mood to give the star IGL what he wanted.

Reminding Pupello that the team had only won a couple of matches and that it was his “job,” Nadeshot asked him to make it to Masters Shanghai before asking for gratitude.

Fast forward to today, 100 Thieves made it to the year’s second international VALORANT event and lifted the Americas trophy. 

Replying to his “devious” reminder of last month’s due, Nadeshot finally gave Boostio a well-deserved thanks. “This deadass might be the most devious tweet one of our players has ever sent me. Thank you, Boostio,” he said.

After a rocky VCT 2023 season, 100 Thieves’ VALORANT roster underwent a significant overhaul, which brought Boostio and eeiu in place of its two long-standing players, stellar and Derrek. 

While it had a rough start in the VCT Americas Kickoff and missed Masters Madrid, 100 Thieves bounced back in full form during the regular season, defeating formidable opponents like NRG, LOUD, and G2 Esports to lift the trophy. 

With this win, the Boostio-led team have secured a first-seed spot at VALORANT Masters Shanghai, which is set to start on May 23. 

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