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Zven is reportedly joining Dignitas just in time for the 2024 LCS Summer Split. 

According to a report by Sheep Esports, Zven will be returning to the LCS as an AD carry, contrary to his recent role shift to support during the 2023 split. With former team Cloud9, he won the 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs and qualified for MSI 2023 but lost the LCS Championship final to NRG before getting replaced by Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol.

Zven in a C9 jersey looking to his right while playing League of Legends
Zven is arguably one of the best players North America has ever produced. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

Zven has won four LEC and four LCS titles, making him one of the most successful AD carries in Western League of Legends. The Danish legend has also recorded the most pentakills in their LCS career.

He’ll replace Frank “Tomo” Lam in the AD carry role and look to return to his roots. Dignitas signed top laner Licorice on May 8, an experienced player who missed a split after Golden Guardians abruptly left the LCS.

Dignitas are still looking to win their first-ever LCS title, and the veterans’ experience will play a massive part in determining their success in the coming months.

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