2-time CoD world champion shares dominant MW3 BAL-27 loadout to ‘lock in’ with

Call of Duty’s Season Three Reloaded update hit Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone today, and it wasn’t without its major issues. But it did bring an old gun back into the fray.

The BAL-27 returned to CoD, a classic assault rifle from Advanced Warfare in 2014, and CoD pros immediately began to mess around with it to find the best loadout, including two-time world champion Arcitys.

A photo of Arcitys on Atlanta FaZe
He knows a thing or two about CoD. Photo by Taylor Powell

The AR is a blast from the past while simultaneously being futuristic from AW’s future setting, and Arcitys was quick to share in a Twitter/X post what attachments worked best for him while slaying enemies online.

Simply put, Arcitys said to “lock in” with this loadout.

Arcitys BAL-27 MW3 loadout

Arcitys BAL-27 loadout in MW3
Take it from the champ. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Arcitys’ loadout leans heavily into Recoil Control, Mobility, and Handling, sacrificing some Accuracy to maneuver quickly around the map while gunning down foes. It boasts lightning-quick movement speed, ADS movement speed, and overall ADS speed to keep up with SMGs at mid-range.

  • Muzzle: Purifier Muzzle Brake
  • Barrel: Crown-H3 Barrel
  • Stock: Clarent Light Stock
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop
  • Rear Grip: Channel-M Grip

Thanks to the powerful Crown-H3 Barrel, though, it also fights well at long range. The barrel is easily the odds-on favorite for the best option on the gun after less than a day as it provides a huge 20 percent boost to both Effective and Minimum Damage Range with an 11 percent boost in bullet velocity—all very important stats for an AR no matter how you use it.

Don’t take Arcitys’ word for it: Unlock the BAL-27 now and try it out for yourself online in MW3 to see if it’s worth the hype. It’s also pretty fun to use in Warzone in certain situations, so it’s worth the time and effort it takes to add it to your arsenal in CoD.

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