Star Wars island coming to LEGO Fortnite will be a permanent addition

Another huge collaboration between Star Wars and Fortnite officially goes live on May 3. But after the special event ends, the new Star Wars island that players can visit in their LEGO Fortnite world won’t be going anywhere.

Once the event is live, LEGO Fortnite players will bear witness to the arrival of both the Empire and the Rebellion, with the former crash-landing a massive Star Destroyer upon their arrival. As part of the event, players will get to explore the Imperial crash site and a nearby Rebel village, which can be built up and upgraded over time by completing objectives and building structures.

For those who want to fully upgrade the Rebel villages without losing all their progress in the future, the good news is the village will remain in the game past the v29.40 patch, Epic confirmed today. Players will also have the option of keeping Imperial camps and the crash site intact, and those settlements will permanently stay in LEGO Fortnite too, even after the Rebel Adventure pass ends on July 23. Once that pass expires, players won’t be able to unlock the decor and build rewards.

Star Wars and Fortnite have had plenty of collaborations and events in the past, introducing a plethora of cosmetic options and adding useable in-game items like blasters and lightsabers, but most if not all of the items are eventually sunset or taken out of the rotation. This looks like the first time that Star Wars is staying in a Fortnite mode permanently, and the lightsaber, bowcaster, blasters, and thermal detonators that are being added appear to be staying as well.

Star Wars fans who enjoy Fortnite will have plenty more to look forward to in the future when the Disney “games and entertainment universe” built by Epic is finally announced.

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