EA FC 24 goes free on PlayStation Plus, offers laughably bad starter pack

As the once-great Justin Timberlake proclaimed back in the day, it’s gonna be May, which means there are new PlayStation Plus deals. One of the big names coming free to PS Plus in May is EA FC 24, but the accompanying bonus pack is underwhelming, to say the least.

EA FC 24 has finally made the free games list on PlayStation Plus, over eight months after its launch. The game will be free to download starting on May 7, all the way up to June 17. All PS Plus subscribers can take advantage of this generous offer, regardless of their subscription tier.

Though the club soccer season in most leagues is headed toward its end within the next couple of weeks, the summer will present the spectacle of Euro 2024, so there’s still plenty of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team content on the cards—not to mention the currently ongoing Team of the Season promo event, which holds some of the strongest cards in the entire game. There’s still plenty of reason to join the Ultimate Team community, especially while it’s free, but EA isn’t making the lives of potential newcomers any easier.

If you download EA FC 24 during its PlayStation Plus free run, you get a Starter Pack as sort of a sign-on bonus. We’d usually restrain ourselves from complaining about free items, but damn, they could have at least tried. Starter packs are a joke at any point of the season, but getting one in May is the first step above having absolutely nothing to show for your Ultimate Team squad.

There’s always the risk that players who spent over $70 on EA FC 24 back when it launched would have gotten upset if PS Plus subscribers received better rewards for bothering to download the game for free, but we still think EA could have done a little better with the incentives than a borderline useless pack.

If you’re on the fence about putting in the effort to download the title, you can brush the dust off our EA FC 24 review and give it a proper read. If you decide to make the leap into Ultimate Team, we can be of further use with news, predictions, and trackers, such as our currently active TOTS Live tracker.

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