2015 Game of the Year winner given new lease on life with DLC-sized mods enabled

The Witcher 3, the 2015 Game of the Year winner, has been provided with a new lease on life following a major update.

Nine years after first making waves, CD Projekt Red’s smash hit has seen numerous DLC additions and upgrades, but the latest change may just be the biggest of all. CD Projekt Red stated on X (formerly Twitter), as reported by IGN, that The Witcher 3 REDkit is now available for all owners of the game on PC, including full Steam integration, putting the full power of the title in the hands of modders.

Geralt in The Witcher 3 riding a horse.
Endless possibilities. Image via CD Projekt Red

The REDkit “offers a plethora of advanced features” that makes publishing and using mods easy, providing “unparalleled freedom in creating new quests, characters, locations, and more,” according to CD Projekt Red.

A trailer accompanying the announcement provided an insight into the power that has now been handed to modders, showcasing the ability to create quests, cutscenes, edit environments, and everything else you could possibly imagine. The official website explains the REDkit is a “reworked version of REDengine 3”, which was used to make The Witcher 3, and was released to “give some of the love back to the community and enable them to do more than ever, easier than ever.”

REDkit’s release for The Witcher 3 comes at a great time for those who are yet to pick up the game, as a major price drop on Steam makes it the perfect opportunity to jump in—and REDkit’s Steam integration makes using mods simple.

But there is bad news for console players hoping for mod support for The Witcher 3, unfortunately. CD Projekt Red also stated “there are currently no plans for mod support on console.” Though that could of course change, it seems highly unlikely.

Making the REDkit available comes alongside big changes for the studio, with The Witcher 4 being developed on Unreal Engine 5 rather than CDPR’s proprietary engine.

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