2K confirms Civilization VII for 2025 following accidental leak

The next installment in the beloved strategy/sim franchise has been confirmed after an accidental leak earlier in the day: Sid Meier’s Civilization 7 is coming to PC and consoles in 2025.

The confirmation comes after a panel and banner for Civilization 7 appeared accidentally on the 2K Games website just hours before the Summer Game Fest showcase. This accidental leak followed rumors from months back that Firaxis was working on the next installment in its series.

The teaser videos showed different stills from various ages that players progress through during a game of Civilization, from the Middle Ages all the way up to the Nuclear Age, and ended with the hexagon tile synonymous with the game. Following the teaser, Sid Meier himself appeared to speak to the Summer Game Fest audience and confirm that the game is coming to both PC and console while promising a “full reveal” later this summer in August.

Players can add Julius Ceasar to their list of leaders by linking a new or existing 2K account to the platform they’ll play Civilization 7 on.

The Civilization series is one of the most established franchises in the strategy-sim genre known as 4X. The series is over 30 years old after the first Civilization was released in 1991. The announcement of Civilization 7 is being celebrated on Steam as we speak with a special discount on all games in the series, including a massive 95 percent discount on the most recent installment Civilization 6.

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