4 tips for speedrunning Monopoly GO Stickers for Games album

A new Monopoly GO Sticker album called Monopoly Games dropped at the end of June and will run for three months. Here’s how you can complete up to 80 percent of the album quickly, giving you more time to find the Stickers you need to complete all sets.

Take advantage of special Monopoly GO events

The easiest and most effective way to collect Stickers for a new Monopoly GO album is to earn extras through special events like Wheel Boost and Sticker Boom. And don’t sleep on a Golden Blitz, either.

Of the two special events, Sticker Boom is the best. Be sure to check our daily Monopoly GO events page so you can plan your playtime around a Sticker Boom event that increases the number of Stickers within a pack.

Wheel Boost can also earn you extra Stickers from leveling up your Monopoly GO board. The best way to take advantage of the event is when it coincides with a Builder’s Bash or Landmark Rush event. A combo of Monopoly GO events like this will earn you Dice rolls for leveling up and extra wheel spins once your board is full of Hotels.

Finish in the top 5 of Monopoly GO leaderboards

Mr. Monopoly looking at Monopoly GO Stickers
Collect Stickers quickly to complete sets. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Many daily Monopoly GO tournaments offer bonus rewards for top placements on the leaderboard. This is a great way to earn Purple and Blue Sticker packs, increasing the odds of you pulling a four or five-star Sticker. Purple packs also have increased odds on Golden Stickers.

Trade Monopoly GO stickers every day

We know the Monopoly GO Sticker algorithm will give you duplicates over new Stickers once you only have a few Stickers left to collect from an album. To throw the odds in your favor, trade Stickers with friends every day if possible, or at least a few times a week. This increases your odds of getting all the Stickers you need. If you send a Sticker to a friend, make sure that they at least send a duplicate back to you for the Stars.

Farm Monopoly GO Stars

The Monopoly GO Games Sticker album has three vaults for stars, with the highest vault cashing out at 700 Stars. Included in the 700 Star vault are two Blue and one Purple Sticker packs. Cashing out your Stars as soon as you unlock the final vault will potentially drop new Stickers that you need to complete sets and even the album.

Farming Stars using the same strategy that we listed above: Taking advantage of special events, trading with friends, and finishing atop the daily leaderboards. Players who farm Stars are more likely to complete a Monopoly GO Sticker album.

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