All Monopoly GO Shark Track rewards, with early clamshell tokens

Today’s Monopoly GO Shark Track rewards are hot, featuring over 1,500 Aqua Partners clamshell tokens through 30 milestones, with over 1,000 available before milestone 20. Now is the time to roll those Dice, potentially earning bonus leaderboard rewards. From Dice rolls and tokens to Stickers and flash events, here’s everything you need to know about Monopoly GO Shark Track.

All Monopoly GO Shark Track rewards and milestones

Decor Splash-Down milestone Points to unlock milestone Decor Splash-Down rewards
One 50 120 clamshell tokens
Two 80 40 Dice rolls
Three 70 Green Sticker pack
Four 150 140 clamshell tokens
Five 200 100 Dice rolls
Six 300 160 clamshell tokens
Seven 250 High Roller for five minutes
Eight 350 Cash
Nine 500 220 Dice rolls
10 550 Orange Sticker pack
11 800 240 clamshell tokens
12 900 Pink Sticker pack
13 950 400 Dice rolls
14 1,000 Blue Sticker pack
15 900 280 clamshell tokens
16 1,200 500 Dice rolls
17 1,000 Cash
18 1,300 350 clamshell tokens
19 1,500 Bank Heist for 20 minutes
20 2,100 750 Dice rolls
21 1,800 Blue Sticker pack
22 2,200 Cash
23 2,500 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
24 3,000 400 clamshell tokens
25 3,200 1,100 Dice rolls
26 3,200 Cash
27 3,600 Blue Sticker pack
28 4,200 1,400 Dice rolls
29 4,500 High Roller for 20 minutes
30 6,500 1,700 Dice rolls

What’s different about Monopoly GO Shark Track rewards?

Mr. Monopoly looking at Monopoly GO Stickers
Take advantage of double Bank Heist points. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Monopoly GO tournaments like Shark Track offer double points for Bank Heist mini-games but the same points for a Shutdown.

Double Bank Heist points are back through the Monopoly GO Shark Track two-day tournament. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen a two-day bonus point tournament, and I’m thankful that Scopely decided to drop it during the Aqua Partners main event.

How to roll for the best Monopoly GO Shark Track rewards?

The 48-hour event has more Aqua Partner clamshell tokens offered through earlier milestones than previous tournaments. You can collect over 1,00 by milestone 18.

Take advantage of two High Roller flash events to complete all Monopoly GO Shark Track rewards. And earn point boosts through the Mega Heist flash event through milestone 19.

Check the Monopoly GO events for June 24 since Scopely typically starts the week off strong with multiple top events that are worth playing around.

If you haven’t unlocked the Bank Heist through Ecological Escapade, be sure to hit that today or tomorrow so you can earn even more points to unlock Monopoly GO Shark Track rewards.

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