5 best starting classes in Tarisland, ranked

When you log into Tarisland to create your first character, the game will offer you a variety of classes to choose from. While experienced players might gravitate towards the most powerful classes, beginners often need a different set of criteria when making the all-important selection.

Starting classes that are beginner-friendly in Tarisland feature simpler spell rotations and higher durability with tankier stats. Classes with self-healing or strong defensive capabilities help newcomers survive longer while exploring Tarisland.

Also, beginner classes excel better in solo leveling, so if you’re diving into Tarisland alone, picking one of the classes below could allow you to have an easier time in the game.

The best beginner-friendly starting classes in Tarisland

Beginner-friendly starting classes tend to be tanky while dealing decent amounts of damage. While other classes may scale better into the late game, they can be harder to master, so starting your journey with a more self-sufficient class will give you more room to learn.


Barbarian fighter swinging axe in Tarisland.
It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a Barbarian. Image via Tencent

The Barbarian class offers an excellent balance between power and simplicity, making it perfect for newcomers. Barbarians boast high damage output and impressive durability, allowing beginners to make mistakes without being punished too severely. The class’s straightforward gameplay mechanics allow it to excel in both solo and group content.


Paladin class in Tarisland.
Should be perfect with some WoW experience too. Image via Tencent

Paladins are jacks-of-all-trades. They’re versatile and they also have a forgiving nature. Paladins can tank, deal decent damage, and even provide useful buffs to the party. This flexibility allows new players to experiment with different roles without committing to a specialized class. The Paladin’s heavy armor and self-healing abilities also provide a safety net for beginners still learning the game’s mechanics.


Warrior class in Tarisland
Wannabe Barbarian? Image via Tencent

Despite not being top-tier in terms of overall power, the Warrior is an excellent choice for new players. It offers a good mix of damage-dealing and tanking abilities, making it suitable for various playstyles. Warriors have strong single-target and AoE spells, making them efficient in leveling and solo play.


Ranger wielding bow in Tarisland.
Keep your distance and you’ll be fine. Image via Tencent

Not everyone likes a “get in your face” style of gameplay in MMOs. If you prefer ranged combat, the Ranger will be your go-to pick while starting Tarisland. This class excels at fast leveling due to its high damage output.

While playing Range, you’ll need to watch your positioning due to a lower health pool. However, the class offers mobility tools to help beginners escape dangerous situations. If you’re starting your Tarisland journey with a friend, and they’ve already picked a tanky character, then you should definitely choose Ranger or another damage dealer.


A Priest flying in Tarisland.
Welcome to the light. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Priest is an excellent starting class for players who enjoy supporting roles. Although it may not be the easiest to level solo, its powerful healing abilities make it a welcome addition to any group.

Unless you take the damage route, the Priest’s role is straightforward—keep allies alive. This can help new players focus on learning game mechanics without the pressure of complex damage rotations. Additionally, the high demand for healers in group content ensures that Priest players will always find parties to join.

Honorable mention: Bard

Bard class in Tarisland
The tunes do all. Image via Tencent

While the Bard is currently one of the most powerful classes in Tarisland, there may be better choices for absolute beginners. Its versatility in damage dealing, healing, and buffing requires a good understanding of various game mechanics. However, for quick learners or those with some MMORPG experience, the Bard can be an excellent starting class that remains relevant throughout the game.

Classes to avoid as a beginner in Tarisland

All Tarisland classes are powerful in their own way and excel at certain areas of the game, but some aren’t suitable for beginners, especially if they’re looking to take a more relaxed approach to the game.

  • Mage: While powerful, the Mage’s low survivability and reliance on proper positioning make it challenging for newcomers.
  • Shadow Swordsman: The mobile playstyle and stealth mechanics might be overwhelming for players still learning basic game systems.
  • Phantom Necromancer: Currently underperforming, this class may frustrate new players until it receives buffs.

How to choose your first starting class in Tarisland

If you’re playing Tarisland with a group of friends, consider coordinating your class choices to create a balanced team. If your group lacks a tank, you can choose Barbarian or Paladin. Or, if there’s no healer, Priest could be a valuable addition, and the same logic also applies to DPS characters.

For those starting Tarisland alone, choosing a DPS character might be appealing, but there’s more to consider:

  • While DPS classes like Mage or Ranger can be powerful, they’re also very common. This might make it harder to find groups for group content.
  • Tanky classes like Barbarian or Warrior offer good survivability for solo questing and are always in demand for group activities.
  • Healers are also in high demand.

I have a habit of choosing the least popular classes in the game to get into groups and parties easily. Priest was my starting choice in Tarisland and being the dedicated healer of my team has been a blast. I’ve also progressed on my own through the game by joining other groups. While I do admit that my damage-dealing capabilities are rather low, I haven’t felt that I lacked that aspect in the game yet since I’ve been progressing through friends.

The “best” starting classes may shift over time, so it’s best to remain flexible and explore all the classes as you get more experienced in the game. As you feel more confident you can challenge others to duel in Tarisland while continuing to grow your inventory with the Tarisland codes.

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