Battle through time: The newest free-to-play multiplayer shooter is now available

Tired of the same old shooter experiences? Well, the newest game landing in the genre, Histera, hosts a “dynamic time glitching arena” for you to test your aim and strategies—and it’s now live in early access.

First announced in 2021, Histera went through a few delays before being slated for an early access launch on June 20. It’s a free-to-play game, so trying it won’t be hard on your budget. That said, it’s only available on PC via Steam (for now). StickyLock hasn’t confirmed a console port yet, but it depends on how successful the game ends up on PC.

Player looking at an Era shift in Histera
Get ready to put your skills to the test across Eras. Image via StickyLock Games

Set in a time-shifting battlefield, Histera pits your team of eight against an enemy group in a world that “glitches” between three Eras—the past, present, and future. Simply put, the Glitch shifts the setting around you randomly while you fight to survive with a range of time-evolving weapons. Make sure to choose your weapons carefully as each has strengths and weaknesses based on the Era they belong to. 

At early access launch, Histera supports two PvP modes—Team Deathmatch and Territory Control—and three possible Era backdrops—a prehistoric valley, a WW2 warehouse, and a high-tech city street. The developer has, however, revealed it will add more Eras and modes, as well as weapons, cosmetics, improved progression mechanics, and a battle pass system with future updates. 

Besides this, StickyLock has said it will focus on improving Histera with player feedback. The game will remain in early access for six to 12 months, depending “on the feedback of the community and how easy it is to implement any changes that come up as a result of that feedback.” 

If you want to do your part while enjoying Histera, you can always take part in the discussion via Discord and other social media channels.

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