Dr Disrespect speaks out as new Twitch ban allegations surface via ex-employee

Fresh allegations regarding Dr Disrespect’s 2020 Twitch ban have surfaced today, with an ex-employee of the streaming giant stating the Doc was banned because he was caught sharing inappropriate messages with a minor on the platform.

Former Twitch director of strategic partnerships Cody Conners alleged on X (formerly Twitter) on June 21 that an unnamed streamer was banned “because he got caught sexting a minor in the then-existing Twitch whispers product.” Dr Disrespect was not named by Conners in the tweet, but since the allegations were brought to light, many high-profile figures in the scene have come forward confirming Dr Disrespect as the subject.

Conners continued, saying the Doc was “trying to meet up” with the minor at a TwitchCon event, and that “the powers that be” were able to view the messages in plain text, cementing the allegations. “No one made the wrong decision, fuck him and his boys,” Conners concluded.

Insider Rob “Slasher” Breslau, who originally stated back in 2020 that he knew the reason for the Doc’s ban but wouldn’t publish anything “due to the importance and sensitivity around the subject,” simply tweeted “I didn’t lie” in response to today’s allegations. Journalist Jacob Wolf, who covered the original ban for ESPN at the time, revealed Doc’s manager at the time offered an “exclusive” interview but no questions regarding the ban would be permitted.

As many more figures in the scene responded, we heard from Dr Disrespect himself, responding directly to Jake Lucky’s tweet which named the streamer. “I get it, it’s a hot topic but this has been settled,” Dr Disrespect said, adding that “no wrongdoing was acknowledged”—similar to his original tweet following the resolved legal dispute between him and Twitch.

A screenshot of a tweet from Dr Disrespect.
Screenshot by Dot Esports via Dr Disrespect on X/Twitter

Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch in 2020, not long after signing a multi-year deal with the platform. The reasoning behind his ban was unknown, but after a two-year legal dispute that was settled in 2022, Doc said he had no intention of returning to Twitch.

He has since been streaming on YouTube and, more recently, was supposedly offered a deal to stream on Kick, which he turned down.

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