All Monopoly GO Decor Splash-Down rewards through 30 milestones

The Monopoly GO Decor Splash-Down leaderboard tournament is ushering in Aqua Partners, featuring 30 milestones and over 1,400 Partner event tokens.

Here’s how to get the most rewards from the one-day event.

All Monopoly GO Decor Splash-Down rewards and milestones

Decor Splash-Down milestone Points to unlock milestone Decor Splash-Down rewards
One 45 100 Partner tokens
Two 55 50 Dice rolls
Three 80 Green Sticker pack
Four 90 120 Partner tokens
Five 120 90 Dice rolls
Six 150 High Roller for five minutes
Seven 140 140 Partner tokens
Eight 200 Orange Sticker pack
Nine 250 150 Dice rolls
10 230 Pink Sticker pack
11 260 Cash
12 275 160 Partner tokens
13 300 Blue Sticker pack
14 400 Cash
15 400 250 Dice rolls
16 450 200 Partner tokens
17 500 Mega Heist for 17 minutes
18 600 Cash
19 700 400 Dice rolls
20 800 Blue Sticker pack
21 900 300 Partner tokens
22 1,000 Cash
23 120 650 Dice rolls
24 1,300 Cash
25 1,800 Blue Sticker pack
26 2,000 1,100 Dice rolls
27 1,500 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
28 2,500 400 Partner tokens
29 2,600 Cash
30 3,200 1,700 Dice rolls

Tips to get the most Monopoly GO Decor Splash-Down rewards

Ms. Monoply celebrating her completion of the Treasure Hunt in Monopoly GO
If you’re short on Dice rolls, use these tactics to gain an advantage. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Getting started right for a main Monopoly GO event like Aqua Partners matters and you can do that by playing Decor Splash-Down strategically and to your advantage.

Timing is everything. Use the Monopoly GO special events to gain an advantage over other players seeking to rank up the leaderboard. And coordinate gameplay with the Ecological Escapade solo event that has a Bank Heist through milestone 13.

Take advantage of flash events like High Roller and Mega Heist within the Monopoly GO Decor Spalsh-Down rewards. And don’t spend all your free Dice once you’ve achieved the goals you’ve set for yourself. My goal for the Monopoly GO event is to place in the top five of the leaderboard and get to at least milestone 21.

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