7 best horror games in Roblox

You don’t always need to pay a price to find horror gems, and sometimes, the most memorable experiences can be found in unexpected places.

In no particular order, this is our top seven horror games you can find and play right now for free on Roblox.

The seven best horror games on Roblox

Floors Have Teeth

Man looking at static television with american flag above the tv set
Is this really a Roblox game? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Floors Have Teeth is a PS1-inspired horror game with clear references to the iconic indie horror developer Puppet Combo. Perhaps best known for its video game aesthetic and challenging gameplay, Floors Have Teeth manages to encapsulate everything that makes a Puppet Combo game enticing, mysterious, and addictive. Apparition Pictures does an excellent job of delivering polished horror without resorting to jumpscaring its younger audience. It is a horror game that could easily be featured on Steam.

Interestingly, Floors Have Teeth has a distinct morbid, dark, and grungy look that matches Puppet Combo’s style. It doesn’t look, feel, or play like a Roblox game, making it a clear standout. Floors Have Teeth opens inside Vanish Town (an obvious nod to Silent Hill), with its Puppet Combo characters, PlayStation graphics, and the occasional Siren Head audio to keep you fully immersed in its creepypasta-style story.


The manor lobby with chair next to lit fireplace in DOORS
The calm before the storm. Screenshot by Dot Esports

DOORS is perhaps the most recognizable Roblox horror game. It runs much like Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, but features a more Backrooms feel, rather than endlessly throwing jumpscares your way. DOORS features many unique enemies, each with their own attacks and counters. You should think of it like SCP: Containment Breach, but inside seemingly infinite corridors. You need to progress through each room, reaching the end of the line of what feels like an endless number of doors to the Roblox manor.

Neither the layout nor the monsters make sens. But the task at hand is to escape, even though you entered this bottomless pit via its front entrance. Perhaps you deserve this endless fate.

Dead Silence

Keep Out sign inside Dead Silence sewers
A game filled with dread. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Dead Silence is one of the few horror games on Roblox that offers a rather intense atmosphere from the moment you hit play. You can enter Dead Silence alone or with friends, greeted by a missing persons poster, and limited places to explore, as your journey begins within the sewers. You’re not quite sure how you got there, but tasked to unveil the mystery behind Mary S, one thing is clear right off the bat—there’s something else lurking inside the silence.

Dead Silence may be a short horror experience, but it is one that stays with you a while if you’re unfamiliar with the world of terror.

Rainbow Friends

The monsters entrance scene in Rainbow Friends
Even Roblox has mascot horror. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Rainbow Friends is best enjoyed with friends. Therefore, it is our top pick for those who are looking for scares with others. Rainbow Friends forces you to play with other players. While that may not be a problem for most, it definitely takes away that horror immersion after watching strangers T-bag monsters and jump around the theme park without a care in the world. Monsters hide around corners, masking themselves as employees until it’s their moment to strike, where a wrong move can leave you spectating your fellow explorers until the match ends.

The monsters of Rainbow Friends are reminiscent of the Garten of Banban cast. With colorful characters, wide smiles, and unnatural movement, Rainbow Friends can jumpscare you at moments where you feel most at ease. You must work together to solve puzzles while running from those pesky rainbow mascots.

The Backrooms

Do you trust me? sign in The Backrooms
Do you? Screenshot by Dot Esports

It wouldn’t be a horror list without including a Backrooms game. The Backrooms, created by TheInfernoBoy1, is our top pick for those seeking out a game that perfectly encompasses the lore and Kane Pixel’s found footage. The Backrooms offers a multitude of levels you can revisit via the tunnel at the start of the game. This follows the same gameplay formula of Escape the Backrooms. The Backrooms is the best co-op game of this kind on Roblox, with our single-player recommendation found below.

Expect puzzles to solve and enemies to flee from as fighting back isn’t a possibility while you navigate across those yellow-wallpapered walls while the fluorescent lights send you into a blind, paranoid panic. The Backrooms includes 29 levels and three endings.

Alone in a Dark House

The garage in Alone in a Dark House
Fight against the paranormal. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Alone in a Dark House is a short horror experience where you play as an investigator who has to deal with a paranormal anomaly. Tasked to explore the dark house, you must first restore power while dealing with a highly hostile force. Things escalate incredibly quickly, and staying still isn’t an option. As the unwelcome stranger in this house, you must solve puzzles while evading the supernatural forces inside.

Alone in a Dark House offers multiple versions of the game to try out. With The House, The House 2019 version, and The Attic, alongside its very own zombie mode, there is a lot to deep dive into as you play out your investigative career against the paranormal.


This Way sign on The Backrooms wall
Listen to the hum of the fluorescent lights. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Apeirophobia—which means the fear of infinity—stands out on Roblox for its voice acting and cutscenes. While there are many Backroom games up for grabs, Apeirophobia is unique because of its voice acting. You noclip into level zero, where the first entity (Bacteria) roams the corridors. In fact, many Bacteria are around, all in search of their next victim.

Unlike other Backroom games, Apeirophobia includes multiple enemies of the same entity type. Jumpscares are a guarantee with this one, especially as your hope to escape depletes the longer you search for the exit. Apeirophobia is an atmospheric adventure, and it is made better with friends. Can you trust the arrows to lead you to safety? Apeirophobia includes multiple Backrooms levels such as the Bathrooms, Parking Hub, Office, and Playground.

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