When does TFT Set 12 Release? PBE and live dates

As the Teamfight Tactics Set 11 Inkborn Fables wraps up, players are excited about what Riot devs have cooked up for Set 12. And rightfully so. Here’s every release date for TFT Set 12 that we know about so far.

What is the TFT Set 12 PBE release date?

Game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer confirmed that TFT Set 12 will drop into PBE servers through Patch 14.14 on June 23 during the 14.13 Patch Rundown. Riot has a summer break taking place for all employees during the end of June and beginning of July, extending Patch 14.13 one week.

Patch 14.14 will drop on July 17 into PBE servers for testing. The final update for TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables will contain “for fun” changes on the live server until Set 12 has its official launch.

When does TFT Set 12 release on live servers?

Riot hasn’t officially confirmed the release date of TFT Set 12, but based on what we know about the new set dropping into PBE servers, we can confidently predict that the official launch date is July 31 through Patch 14.15.

When will TFT Set 12 spoilers drop?

Choncc and Pengu DJ surprise looks on faces
We’re all anxiously awaiting TFT Set 12 spoilers. Image via Riot Games

A release date for TFT Set 12 spoilers hasn’t been revealed by Riot at the time of writing. We predict the organization will continue what was started through Set 10 by slowly dropping spoilers through social media during the Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown Championship (formerly known as Worlds). A massive drop of TFT Set 12 information will drop on July 15 or 16 before the new set releases onto PBE servers for testing.

What to play in TFT and watch until Set 12 releases

Set 11 isn’t as exciting as past TFT sets, but organized competitive play is still worth watching. Leading up to the release of Set 12 are regional Set 11 Golden Spatula tournaments, which will determine who competes at the Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown Championship.

If you are looking for casual play with an exciting meta, I highly recommend playing Pengu’s Party. The temporary game mode was balanced through Patch 14.14, featuring two traits from every TFT set since the autobattler first launched. Pengu’s Party will run until July 15.

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