Best Rellana’s Twin Blades build in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

After felling one of Shadow of the Erdtree‘s most difficult bosses, players are rewarded with her fancy-looking Twin Blades. However, to make the most out of these weapons, you’ll need the right build, and we’re here to show you just that.

Rellana’s Twin Blades build in Shadow of the Erdtree

fighting rellana in elden ring shadow of the erdtree
Rellana is very difficult, but her weapons are worth the trouble. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Recommended stats

Rellana‘s Twin Blades are essentially a dual-wielded weapon that relies on several primary attributes. To wield it, you will need 13 Strength, 16 Dexterity, 16 Intelligence, and 16 Faith. The weapon scales nearly equally with each of these stats, so leveling them evenly should produce the best result. However, you should prioritize Dexterity, Intelligence, and Faith over Strength, as they also synergize well with the Twin Blades’ Ash of War.

For an optimal build, I suggest boosting your Vigor, Endurance, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Around 60 in Dex and Int should net you around 1,100 damage with this weapon. Of course, if you have the spare Runes, you can invest a bit into Strength and Faith as well.

Recommended charms

Milicent's Prosthesis Talisman in Shadow of the Erdtree.
The way to go. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Rellana’s Twin Blades can utilize a plethora of different charms, though we have found the following to work the best for this unique weapon:

  • Rellana’s Cameo (DLC-specific, found in Castle Ensis): Holding your Stance for a moment before striking boosts the damage of your Ash of War.
  • Fire Scorpion Charm: Boosts Fire damage output but increases how much physical damage you take.
  • Magic Scorpion Charm: Boosts Magic damage but, like the Fire one, makes you more vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia: Significantly increases damage after successive attacks.
  • [Optional instead of RWS] Milicent’s Prosthesis: Gives bonus Dexterity and increases damage after landing successive attacks. The extra Dex allows you to boost another stat.

This is, by all means, a glass cannon build, as you will be more susceptible to physical damage but will dish out so much of your own mixed damage that any boss will fall quite quickly. Rellana is a tough fight, but these blades are very much worth it.

Recommended gear

In my opinion, there is no such thing as “optimal gear” in Elden Ring. It’s all about fashion. For roleplaying purposes, you should put on Rellana’s very own armor set, though it can weigh you down quite a bit if you don’t have the right Equip Load cap. These weapons are quite agile and quick so keeping yourself light-footed also helps, so make sure to focus on having a Light Load for faster rolling and movement, though you can go up to Medium Load if you know how to play with it.

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