8 new suits coming to Spider-Man 2 designed by Lando Norris, Vini Jr., and more

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s 1.003.000 update is landing next week, complete with new suits co-designed by celebrities including F1 driver Lando Norris, soccer player Vini Jr., and singer/actress Rina Sawayama.

While classics like Peter B. Parker’s Into the Spider-Verse Suit and Miles Morales’ Animated Suit are also coming to the game, it’s the collab suits that really stand out, both co-designed by fashion designer KidSuper.

Lando Norris's Fluro Suit in Spider-Man 2
Spidey with some F1 flare. Image via Insomniac Games

Norris’s Fluro Suit sports a sleek black and green design along with an F1-style racing helmet visor, and it looks like a dope new addition to Peter’s collection of suits in the game.

“The main inspiration for the design was the feeling of speed,” Norris said. “I also wanted to incorporate racing elements and materials like carbon, along with my trademark Fluro colour, which you can see throughout the suit. The carbon style effect on the suit is my favourite.”

Vini Jr.’s Ginga Suit is a “a celebration of Brazil’s culture and people,” offering distinct Brazilian flair and a “sporty” look for Miles that Vini Jr. says makes his “super special and different from others.”

Vini Jr.'s Ginga Suit for Miles in Spider-Man 2
Brazil represent. Image via Insomniac Games

“I really wanted to explore my love of fashion whilst making this suit and what we ended up with I think encapsulates that, it’s fun, practical, edgy and chic,” Sawayama said of her Motorchic Suit for Peter. “I personally love the metal detailing across the suit, it still feels like what I envision as classic Spider-Man but adds a more rugged feel. It looks pretty heavy duty and like it would stand up very well in combat!”

Spider-Man Motorchic Suit co-designed by Rina Sawayama
Fun and fashionable. Image via Insomniac Games

KidSuper’s own Metro Suit for Miles and Peter’s Last Stand Suit round out the eight new additions coming in the update, which is set to hit PS5 on June 18. For more info, check out the PlayStation Blog.

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