LCS, CBLOL to lose 2 partnered LoL teams with new Americas league format for 2025

Riot Games has confirmed that the 2025 season will see a significant reduction in the number of partnered teams in the League Championship Series and in the Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends, with only six of the existing teams participating in the new top tier regional tournament. 

This reduction means two teams from the current roster will be cut, though it’s still not decided who will take leave. Riot will engage in discussions with its partnered teams to determine the best path forward for the ecosystem later this Summer, most likely after the Summer Split ends.

The LCS trophy on a plinth at the LCS Spring Split 2023 finals in Los Angeles.
LCS trophy will be no more. Photo by Reece Martinez via Riot Games

This decision follows a recent reduction less than six months ago when the LCS trimmed its lineup from 10 to eight teams and is tied to the overhaul of the leagues in North and South America.

Starting 2025, the LCS and CBLOL will be divided into North and South conferences under one league, Riot revealed today. Each conference will retain six of its current partnered teams, integrate one team from the LLA based on geographical alignment, and include one guest team spot for promotion and relegation through the tier two system, bringing the total to eight teams per conference. 

Much like all other four major regions starting next year, the Americas league will operate with a three-split season and will have slots for all three international events.

Further information will come soon, as Riot plans to share additional details on the selection process for teams, outline the competitive structure, and provide updates to the tier two system throughout the Americas in the fall.

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