9 things we want to see from another Titanfall game

Titanfall games are experiences that can effortlessly draw players back into the fold. I easily find myself wanting to dash against walls while calling in a Titan to wreak havoc on enemy teams—even if just for the sheer thrill of it all.

Of course, as with any game where a loyal fanbase exists, ruminations of what can be on the horizon for future installments begin to stir. Here are our most wanted inclusions to any new Titanfall game.

Author note: Heavy spoilers for Titanfall 2 below.

Top things we’d love to see from a future Titanfall game

9) More Pilot customization for multiplayer

Image with two pilots on screen, one is pointing a small pistol at another about to perform an execution move.
Pilot execution moves are always exciting to watch. Screenshot via Titanfall Official on YouTube.

Customization is important for many players to truly express themselves in multiplayer games, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that improving this would be something to elevate any future Titanfall game above its predecessors. Specifically, more focus on the Pilot customization would be preferred, since there isn’t too much in Titanfall 2 on this front.

Yes, Pilot camos can be changed around, including the type or class of Pilot you are playing as, but there aren’t any dedicated side customization options. This can put an additional fresh spin on expression in Titanfall for players.

8) Evolving maps with engaging interactivity

Dynamic map progression through a single match is an effective element for keeping players on their toes. Examples of dynamic map changes are highly evident in games like Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and so forth. The Titanfall series will have the opportunity to make excellent use of a similar system especially by potentially letting players (inside of their Titans) cause the map-changing events to occur.

Imagine pushing down a water tank from a roof down onto the ground below where there can be electric cabling. It can then cause a new electrical hazard on the map for Titans and Pilots going through the area, and I can already see the brilliant chaos of it all now. These map changes can, of course, excitingly be on the grander scale too.

7) Opportunities to explore the lore of Titanfall to deeper degrees

Image of a Pilot in Titanfall 2 standing at the edge of a chopper and looking out onto a forest mountainous biome in the background.
Beautiful sights for any Pilots to behold. Screenshot via Titanfall Official on YouTube.

The lore of Titanfall has plenty of memorable characters, companies, and events all of which will be interesting to explore deeper. Lore is on show through the campaign missions in Titanfall 2 but having a dedicated menu or even a journal to browse through key situations, people, and scenarios within the world will offer a fuller sense of fulfilling understanding of the lore.

6) Fresh game modes (unique to Titanfall)

On the basis of game modes for the series, there aren’t any groundbreaking additions to the well-formed multiplayer mold in the industry. Personally, I find Bounty Hunt, Amped Hardpoint, and Capture the Flag to allow for the most effective use of Titans in modes. But it would be special to have a future game create modes fully centering on making Titans core parts of objectives.

Another angle to look at the game modes from is for creating modes that aren’t rehashes of common multiplayer modes. Titanfall has enough fluidity in movement and mechanics to experiment in abundance with different kinds of experiences for multiplayer.

5) Further use of the time travel mechanic in campaign missions

Image of a wallrunning pilot in Titanfall 2 in the mission Gauntlet. There is fire scattered across the hallway's caved in floor.
Wall running never grows dull in Titanfall. Screenshot via Titanfall Official on YouTube.

Within the Effect and Cause mission in Titanfall 2, players get to use a specific unnamed gauntlet and it lets them switch between two different realities: the past and the present moment. This is an enjoyable mission thanks to the effective design on display and because switching between the times is intuitive. Other games like Dishonored 2 have also pulled off similar mechanics with missions like “A Crack in the Slab,” which continually work well.

Nonetheless, the gauntlet is a fleeting mechanic in Titanfall 2, only in use for the one mission, so it can make for promising future exploration in a sequel. Not only that, but there’s clearly highly advanced tech omnipresent in the universe of Titanfall that can allow for further interesting mechanics to be built around newly designed tech in a future installment.

A common sight to see in Titanfall community discussions is talk centering around custom servers and players wishing they existed. The demand for custom servers was, in fact, so high that a community mod was created for this very reason called Northstar. It also effectively allows for the creation of custom game modes. These features will be beneficial to have in the future games of the series for maximum community engagement.

Custom and dedicated servers are always great to have whenever possible, so it will be likely worth the development time for these.

3) Build your own Titan system

An idea that floats around from time to time is the ability for more Titan customization (in pairing with further pilot customization). One way to implement this can be through the use of an almost mix-and-matching system with Titan armaments and chassis. Ultimately players will have a high degree of control over their arsenal though at the same time, it allows for unique Titan combos to battle against.

Ship-building, but in Titan form—what’s not to love? This can truly be an enjoyable pastime while waiting on lobbies to fill with players too: easily tweaking your go-to Titans before launching into a map.

2) Map creator (Halo Forge-inspired mode)

Image with BT-7274 on show standing in front of a few trees and a crashed ship in the background. The sky is cloudy.
BT-7274 is always a joy to be around. Screenshot via Titanfall Official on YouTube.

Everyone enjoys a beefy map creator to manufacture absurd maps and force them into the hands of curious players. A Titanfall map creator could no doubt make for some of the wackiest maps yet. With the flexible traversal of the series and of course the Titans, there are so many ways the community can interpret the mechanics to their own means for maps.

The world of Titanfall is gorgeous, so the planet locations on show could easily inspire vast amounts of creativity. I certainly know I would be spending many hours in a Titanfall map creator if there’s one in the future.

1) The return of BT-7274

This list would never be complete without a mention to our faithful Titan friend BT-7274. For those of you who have played through the entirety of Titanfall 2’s campaign, you will know how BT-7274 sacrifices itself to save the protagonist Pilot Jack Cooper. The friendly relationship we experience with BT-7274 is highly memorable and it’s easy to grow attached to the hulk of the Titan.

BT-7274’s memories and data are thought to be stored still on Cooper’s helmet, so the promise of a new journey with our old pal isn’t too far off on the horizon of possibilities. Now all that we can do is patiently await the next Titanfall to grace us and hope we see some of the favorite ideas make their way to the game.

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