‘A good start’: CS2 players find CT incendiary nade changes a step in the right direction

CS2 received a major gameplay update on May 23, primarily the economy, and the changes are already creating a divide in the community. However, one fundamental change—the CT-side incendiary grenade nerf—is being praised by many as a “good start” and a step in the right direction.

Discussions in a Reddit thread posted today on May 26 have been quite divisive, put positive feedback seems to be winning out, chiefly due to how powerful CT incendiaries were on select maps and chokepoints such as the Inferno Banana. The thread’s creator claims that the nerfs have gutted CT’s defense due to reduced fire spread and damage. Others said the change was much-needed and that incendiaries now function similarly to how they did in CS:GO.

CS2 incendiary
CT incendiaries are now blue and have a tighter spread. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

“Damage and duration can be tweaked, but this is a good start,” the user added. A single incendiary grenade could previously cover both logs and the cubby area, effectively rendering banana impregnable by the T side.

Paired with more incendiaries and some smokes, it could be exceptionally difficult to take this vital part of Inferno, usually forcing Ts toward the other side of the map. Other maps had similar issues as well, which is where these recent changes had to be made to balance things out, or so players in the thread believe.

Aside from the incendiary grenade tweaks, CS2 also received some changes to its economy in the latest major update. Defused bombs give less money to Ts to reduce the impact of the first round in the MR12 format, Vertigo’s A site was revamped, and the M4A4 costs $100 less than before.

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