Helldivers 2 fan suggests new Stratagem to rearm spent Exosuits, and fellow players are loving it

Walker Exosuits in Helldivers 2 were a welcome addition, though players soon found them to be less powerful than expected. With quick ammo depletion, they can be rendered useless fast—but one player seems to have found a solution. Enter: Rearm Exosuit Strategem to refill functional, depleted Walkers.

A Reddit user shared their suggestion on May 26, complete with a Strategem combination and concept art. As Exosuits lose their ammo quickly, walking around inside of them becomes obsolete, so the user believes players should have the ability to rearm them if they’re not destroyed. They also pondered on how to implement these changes without causing too many bugs or disruption to the game, and their best idea seems to be that players could call in a resupply pod and manually reload the Exosuit.

A giant mech stands in Helldivers 2
Exosuits are fantastic—when they’ve got the ammo. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The community reacted overwhelmingly positively to the suggestion, and others jumped in with ideas of their own, such as one saying depleted Exosuits should become nuclear Hellbombs. Another expanded on the idea, saying that Super Earth’s anthem should be playing on blast while the bomb ticks down. Others yet are skeptical of Arrowhead’s ability to make such a massive change since, as one player puts it, “Arrowhead can’t even fix the scope on half the guns.”

Ever since their introduction, Exosuits have become one of the most popular Strategems in Helldivers 2. When they actually work and perform, they can be a gamechanger and help Helldivers achieve any goal under the sun. Fast ammo depletion and other issues, such as their low mobility and vulnerability to attacks, make them a very situational pick. However, the suggestions above might as well pump the Exosuits up on the Strategem tier list and help these awesome weapons of mass destruction become the powerful tool they were always meant to be.

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