Abyss trailer shows off what looks like VALORANT’s most treacherous map yet

Ahead of the full reveal set to take place before the VALORANT Masters Shanghai grand final, Riot Games has released the full cinematic trailer for the newest map Abyss—and the early look implies that many players will be falling to their deaths.

In the trailer starring Omen, Iso, and Clove, the trio navigates through the map that appears to be located above an actual never-ending pit, which is fitting given the name for the next VALORANT map: Abyss. While the full layout hasn’t been shown off, a few treacherous spots seriously stick out.

At the 1:05 minute mark, the trailer shows an overhead shot of what appears to be one of the spike sites, which towards the bottom seems to contain a small bridge of pipes with no railing or barrier, next to a massive hole leading downward to certain death. Years ago, the map team for VALORANT considered a site with a hole in the ground when first looking at Pearl, but two years later it looks like they finally pulled the trigger on an exceptionally dangerous site feature.

Throughout the rest of the trailer, the agents navigate across several different ledges that look like they hang over the Abyss, and we even see Omen teleport behind an enemy on a narrow rock formation that players will likely have to jump to in order to travel between two ledges.

The lore team added a little teaser implying that something even more insidious and dangerous is lurking at the facility where Abyss is located, but from a strict gameplay view, the new map is going to be incredibly treacherous where highly mobile agents like Jett and Raze will have to play carefully.

This reveal caps off an already exciting weekend for VALORANT, following Riot’s announcement that its tactical FPS is coming to consoles later this year.

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