‘I can probably sue him’: Stable Ronaldo gets slapped after removing Bradley Martyn’s hat

Famous fitness influencer Bradley Martyn has startled Stable Ronaldo in a recent livestream by slapping him across the face after he had his hat removed during a broadcast.

Ronaldo and fellow FaZe Clan streamer Lacy went to the Zoo Culture gym during a June 7 collab stream with the gym’s owner Martyn where the controversial incident occurred. While warming up for the bench press, Ronaldo suddenly removed Bradley’s cap and put it on his own head. While demanding his hat back, Bradley leaned forward and slapped Ronaldo across the face, forcing Ronaldo to return the cap in question. 

FaZe Lucy in disbelief on the left as Bradley Martyn slaps Ronaldo and demands his hat back
Bradley put on Payphone by Maroon 5 on the gym’s speakers right before Ronaldo snatched his cap. Screenshot by Dot Esports via stableronaldo on Twitch

“Damn, actually? I didn’t know that was bad. My bad bro, like actually,” Ronaldo apologized and told the cameraman to put the camera away for a moment. The audio was also muted for almost two minutes, after which the duo returned and laughed with Ronaldo joking that he slapped Bradley back off-camera. A few minutes before the incident happened, Lacy claimed the FaZe duo were “clip farmers,” but the former Fortnite pro clarified the slap wasn’t in the script while wiping his face and checking if his face was red.

After finishing the gym session, Ronaldo explained he stayed longer than he should have because he didn’t want to ruin Lacy’s stream. He also added that he could “probably fucking sue him, but I’m not doing that,” explaining to the chat that he went to Bradley’s gym without knowing anything about him and disrespected him by taking off his cap. 

With his chat constantly asking if Bradley apologized for his actions, Ronaldo confirmed with his cameraman that he never said sorry until they were about to leave the gym. However, Ronaldo appears to have brushed off the incident and asked fellow content creator Logan Paul if he could beat Bradley back on his behalf.

Logan jokingly assured Ronaldo that Bradley would never wear a hat again. The YouTuber-turned-WWE star was leaving Zoo Culture where he had a sparring session with Bradley, who has now entirely shaved his head.

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