ALGS player gets $100,000 paycheck for a LAN he didn’t even qualify for

The ALGS Split One Playoffs concluded on Mar. 25, 2024, and the long-overdue payouts are only just coming in for the pros involved—but the errors continue to mount. Three players received a whopping $100,000 for supposedly “winning Pro League” when their teams were actually relegated instead.

So what really happened? At the time, Zeddo was a substitute for Native Gaming (N8V), having played for them for just one day across the entire split. He received his payment on July 9, but it wasn’t what he was expecting: Allegedly, $100,000 was sent to his account and he isn’t the only one to receive such an unexpected windfall.

Xeriffer and Feuda are two other Apex Legends pros who have also apparently received such massive payments for their participation in the ALGS Split One. Native Gaming finished 16th, however, while, Xeriffer’s team at the time (40%Worse) placed 29th, and Passion (Feuda’s team) came in at 11th. The incorrect payment amount also noted that Xeriffer and Zeddo received this sum for “winning [their region’s] Pro League” in their cases as well.

While these payments came as a surprise to those who have seemingly won the Apex lottery, others have reportedly received far lower amounts than what was previously confirmed, and there are also players claiming they still haven’t received any money for their participation in the ALGS Split One Playoffs.

BLEED Shooby, REJECT KaronPe, and NIP Gnaske are just a few who have allegedly been underpaid. Alongside incorrect payments were reportedly made to Meat Lovers TeQ, Oblivion Reedz, Liquid Alienware Neazel.

All this, alongside the current cheating debacle and Season 22’s much-maligned battle pass, only adds fuel to the fire of Apex‘s controversial state.

Meanwhile, ALGS Split Two Pro League is currently underway, as Regional Finals conclude on July 14 for NA and EMEA. With the LAN playoffs set to start on Aug 29, the clock is ticking to sort out the payment issues for Split One and to ensure no such debacle happens for the second Split.

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