Marvel Rivals closed beta access coming via Twitch drops, friend codes

Marvel Rivals fans, get hyped and ready to play with even more friends than before in the closed beta test coming soon.

NetEase Games has confirmed that closed beta test access can once again be earned by reaching level six to get an invite code for a friend, as was the case during the closed alpha test. But this time, there are more players, more platforms, and another way to get in.

Venom Marvel Rivals CBT image
WE are Venom. Image via NetEase Games

Starting at 7pm CT on July 24, Twitch drops will be activated to give Marvel Rivals players a chance to earn access. No other information was given on how to earn access via Twitch just yet, but the company said to “stay tuned for further details about this event in upcoming announcements.”

Galacta’s Quest is also back for the closed beta test, allowing players to unlock limited-time unlocks for the beta along with permanent unlocks for the full game. This time around, the unlock is the Cyan Clash skin for new character Venom, as seen in the image above.

A six-vs-six tournament will also be held during the beta. War of the Realms will be played on PC in North America, Europe, and Asia, and a unified tournament for players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Registration runs from July 25 to 30 and the tournaments will run from July 30 to Aug. 4.

Along with a larger player pool, the Marvel Rivals closed beta will add two new heroes in Venom (Vanguard) and Adam Warlock (Strategist) to the already-existing roster, which is expected to grow over time with even more spectacular Marvel characters.

Console sign-ups for the closed beta end on July 16, while they begin for PC on Steam on July 20. The Marvel Rivals closed beta begins on July 23 at 5pm CT and will run for two weeks.

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